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IErrorInfo Interface
Error Info

Namespace: ErrorUnit.Interfaces
Assembly: ErrorUnit (in ErrorUnit.dll) Version: 1.3.0
public interface IErrorInfo

The IErrorInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyErrorThrown
Gets or sets the error thrown date time.
Public propertyErrorUnitErrorId
Gets the error unit error identifier.
Public propertyErrorUnitWebCallId
Gets or sets the error unit web call identifier.
Public propertyExceptionMessage
Gets or sets the exception message.
Public propertyExceptionType
Gets or sets the type of the exception.
Public propertyHostName
Gets or sets the name of the host.
Public propertyInnerErrorInfo
Gets or sets the inner error information.
Public propertyMachineName
Gets or sets the name of the machine.
Public propertyStackTrace
Gets or sets the stack trace.
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